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Reusable Name Badges

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26 Item(s)

Reusable Custom Name Badges

SNAPID resuable name badges are cost effective and affordable. Best suited for businesses that have a high staff turnover or casusual employees as well for identifyinng volunteers, conference attendees or temporray employees. SNAPID can be used over and over again by simply unsnapping the clear plastic dome! Watch the how to video below.

SLIPID reusable name badges are perfect for conferences, networking events, and situations where you need a name badge immediately. The beauty of our badges is that they always look new, regardless of how many times they are used. This is due to the scratch-resistant surface that keeps the badges in pristine condition. Our unique thumb cut feature on the back of the badges makes removing and replacing names easy.

Custom name badges

Our simple step-by-step design function lets you customise your reusable name badges. You can choose the size, the fitting (pin, magnet etc.), the lay out, and, of course, the text to create custom badges to suit your business needs. With our custom made badges, your employees can easily start communicating with each other, removing the awkwardness. This also helps in creating a good environment in the organisation. Name badges are a great tool to help interact customers with employees, thus helping in establishing a great customer-client relationship. Customers feel confident while addressing their problems to someone whose name they are aware of. With our custom name badges, companies can also use it as a tool to market themselves. When employees wear our custom made badges it is obvious that people will notice it and get indulged in a conversation about the company.

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