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11 Item(s)

Magnetic Name Badges - The perfect alternative to old school badges


Permanent Magnetic Name Badges

Our permanent name badges are the ultimate corporate identification products. Highlight your business with an Impact badge that reflects the image and values of your company. We have a number of different designs to choose from, and it’s easy to design your badges and order them online. Whether you need badges that complement a work uniform, business attire or casual wear, we can produce badges that fit your branding perfectly.

All our corporate name badges are handmade and precision printed, so you’re only getting the highest quality name badges. We are committed to producing badges that are vibrant, professional, and accurately reflect your company.

We have a diverse selection of permanent name badge templates:

Impact Classic Name and Logo Badge:   The ultimate badge combining name and logo, full diamond resin protection and shipped in 2 working days.  

Impact Classic Name Only: Where you require just a name to identify your customer facing team members - ideal combination with branded workwear. 

Impact Classic Logo Only Badge: Great as a marketing tool to promote your brand idenity or message to your valued customers.

Impact Classic Name Only Oval Badge:  Available with full colour logo and name or just name only,  just gives the badges an extra dimension in the oval shape.

Impact Classic Inframe Badge: This gives the badge that extra finish in a gold or silver frame

After processing your first order for the name badges or other products,  we hold all of your custom artwork in our system so next time its as easy as ABC to reorder from as little as one badge.  Give us a call and we can ship orders within 2 working days.

With the increase in the number of startups and corporates expanding in Australia, there has also been a rise in the number of employees. With large number of employees in a company, it becomes extremely essential for a company to create an environment where the employees can communicate with each other easily. This has led to a large number of companies to introduce name badges for their employees. Our name badge company guides you to customise and design a corporate badge for your employees online and order. We are one of the best online custom made badge providers in the country.

With the trend of name badges increasing, the use of magnetic name badges has also come into existence. Magnetic name badge as the name suggests, uses magnets in order to remain attached to the employees’ attire thus removing the usage of any pin to remain attached to on the cap, chest or shoulder of the shirt. Magnetic badges are also lightweight when compared to normal name badges, thus making it a good alternative. The magnetic name badge comes with magnetic badge fasteners. Permanent magnets are used which stick to the plates of the steel badge through the fabric of the shirt or jacket. So the employees need not worry about any holes in their shirt or jacket.

A magnetic badge is easy to remove as well as to attach, which eradicates the employees taking time in wearing it and taking care while inserting it and detaching it with extra care. In a normal name badge, a pin is used which gets rusted with time and exposure to environment. This pin needs to be replaced once it gets rusted to avoid chances of any infection. In a magnetic name badge, your employees do not need to replace anything and are not in danger of any infection. Magnetic name tags from our name badges online company come with a casing which is smooth and has a finely detailed finishing. These qualities make our magnetic name tag badges easy and comfortable to wear.

So what are you waiting for? Introduce magnetic name badges for your employees and remove the hassle in their minds for name badges. Give us a call and select from a beautiful range of different magnetic name badges and magnetic name tags. We can ship orders within 2 working days.

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