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Metal & Button Badges

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Our range of button badges and metal badges are an effective and affordable way to raise your company’s profile, and are ideal for use in promotional campaigns to increase awareness of your brand.

Get a great deal by purchasing in bulk, and use the badges at your company’s next product launch, conference, exhibition, or special event. If you only want a small number of badges, you can order as few as 25 badges at a time.

Metal Badge Descriptions

Prestige 1000 Button Badge

Our Prestige 1000 Metal Badge is our most cost effective product, but we also have four metal options to suit all budgets.

The button badge comes in a variety of sizes, from 25mm to 88m, and is an eye-catching product that can boost your company’s visibility to consumers. With your company’s logo emblazoned on the badge, it’s a great product to have at promotional events.

Prestige 2000 Metal Badge

Prestige 2000 Metal Badges are the most affordable quality metal badges on the market. They are printed in full, vibrant colour on aluminium, and come with a diamond finish and butterfly clasp.

Prestige 3000 Button Badge

For a more traditional look, Prestige 3000 Metal Badges make for affordable and eye-catching promotional badges. They are iron stamped with a cold enamel finish, and can be silver or gold plated.

Prestige 5000 Button Badge

Prestige 5000 Metal Badges are high quality badges that are die stamped with cold enamel filling. Really make a statement with these hand-polished pins that are built to last.

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