A lot of companies apply very large logos to their name tags complete with tag lines and even weekly specials. Then they put the wearer's name where they can fit it. This makes the employee feel like a walking bill-board.

The name on the name tag should be the largest. Design your tag so that the person's name can be seen and read from 10 feet away. Your corporate colours can still show through and as the customer gets closer, your logo will show up. In most cases, your customer already knows where they are!

The large, readable name on a name tag fosters the sense that the employee is wearing their name on every action. It also helps the customer feel comfortable, knowing the associate's name.

1. Use colours that stand out from each other. Light brown on dark brown might look great but try reading it while the employee is moving, or in low light.

2.Make the Employee's name the largest on the badge. This helps the customers identify the employee and helps them read it from a distance.

3.If the badge is too small, the information will be useless to the readers. You may as well have a blank badge.

4.Use clear, Easy-to-identify fonts. If people don't have to think about the lettering, they can concentrate on the information.

5.Fancy borders and graphics get in the way of the simple name badge. A logo, a name and a title are all you really need.

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