Selfit Global is an enhanced version of the highly popular Selfit badging system. As a web-based release, it is global in its structure and in the choices the user will have around the platform. The software has been adapted to match the increased use of mobile technology within the industry and can now be downloaded or accessed online for use in the office or on-site. BIG calls this new version the go-to system for stress-free badging, designed to help event and conference organisers achieve flawless professional and image enhancing name badges, anywhere, anytime.

Selfit Global is the result of ongoing conversations with customers and investment in innovative new technologies over the last year. It is hailed as a future-proofed system, capable of coping with advances in usage and new technologies. The BIG Selfit development team consider this global version to be a fresh approach to badging solutions currently used by event and conference organisers. The software is equipped with advanced design and editing features, improved accessibility and sharing facilities for onsite printing. Its smart applications and features work online, offline and through an iPad® app.

Selfit’s enhanced user experience is practical and efficient, providing real flexibility for a more effective and productive badging system. The system continues to revolve around saving time and reducing the hassles typically associated with preparing badges for events. Real-time reporting and printing; generation of 1D and 2D barcodes; easy download and sharing of files in excel and PDF formats are included as standard features while the new upgraded software is designed to be used anywhere, whether in the office, on site or on the move.

Click here to see a video of the new system

If you have any questions or would like to know how you can receive this new system after the official launch. Then call our sales team on 1800 789 124 to lodge your interest.



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